A unique system

Highly efficient

At most graduate schools, it takes five years to obtain a Ph.D.: two years for the master's degree and three years for the doctoral degree. However, this program integrates the master’s and doctoral degrees. This integration lets students complete study and research requirements efficiently, enabling them to earn a Ph.D. on a fast track program (three years) or devote the time saved to long-term study abroad or an MBA program.

Small and select groups

Only 15 students can start in the first year, meaning that several faculty members are available to guide each student. The faculty includes not only Japanese scholars working on an international level, but also foreign scholars who are global leaders in their fields and instructors hailing from companies who have a proven track record as highly experienced project leaders. As a result, students get access to a premium educational experience in small and select groups.

A wealth of career opportunities

Students follow an integrated study program taught by a team of instructors from a variety of different fields (electricity, machinery, chemistry, materials, construction, environment, biology, and so on). The program offers expanded career opportunities by enabling students to attend courses that will lead to an MBA during their time in the program and offering specialized systems such as a support system for students who establish startups.

A global outlook

All classes in the department are conducted in English. Our integrated global campus concept allows students the opportunity to acquire international credentials by studying overseas for at least half a year, obtaining a doctoral degree from an overseas university through the double degree system, and so on.

Comprehensive financial support

To ensure they can focus fully on study and research without having to worry about financial issues, all students of this department have access to the following types of support:

  1. Waiving of admission fees
  2. Waiving of tuition fees (up to five years)
  3. Employment as paid research assistant (salary of about JPY 50,000/month depending on number of hours)
A unique system