Entrance examination

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Number of places

First round of admissions: 15 places
Second round of admissions: a few places
Third round of admissions: a few places

Note that a third round of admissions is only held if open places remain. If you wish to take part in the third round, contact the First Section of the Admissions Office (tel. 0258-47-9271) to verify if the third round will take place.

Application procedure, examination date, announcement of results, etc.

See this page about addmission schedule

Format of entrance examination

Comprehensive assessment of the results of an oral examination, an interview, and the documents, etc., submitted.

  1. Oral examination
    The oral examination consists of questions (including blackboard problems, etc.) designed to evaluate whether an applicant has the essential knowledge needed for successful study of the major academic field sought.

    Department nameQuestion content (course name)
    Department of Science of Technology Innovation The oral examination takes place in Japanese and English and focuses on the specializations of the desired supervisor specified by the applicant.
  2. Interview

About admission requirements

See this page about entrance examinations

Admission policy

The motto of Nagaoka University of Technology is Vitality, Originality, and Services to the world (VOS). In the spirit of that motto, the university prizes practical and creative skills and seeks to train leading engineers and researchers who can operate on a global level. That is why Nagaoka University of Technology welcomes students with the following characteristics:

  1. Students who are motivated to immerse themselves into the study of technology and science
  2. Students who want to explore new fields of research, craft theories, and make things
  3. Students who have an international perspective and sensibility, and who want to conduct research on a global stage
  4. Students who want to leverage their own unique personality
  5. Students who want to tackle original research
  6. Students rich in humanity who want to contribute to the happiness of all humankind

This department welcomes students with the following characteristics:

  1. Students with a strong interest in learning and studying the science of technology innovation, who want to cultivate their ability to innovate on a global stage and propel industries around the world, and who want to contribute to the development of innovation and industries
  2. Students who want to acquire advanced research skills in specialized fields such as machinery, electricity, materials, construction, and biology; learn to take a multifaceted approach; and master practical and integrated science of technology-related skills
  3. Students who look ahead and want to combine a business-oriented mindset with ethical sensitivity
  4. Students who want to acquire the English skills, communication skills, facilitation skills, research-planning skills, and essential business development knowledge needed to conduct research, advance business, and disseminate information
  5. Students who want to learn how to apply scientific methods to drill down to the essence of research questions and produce truly innovative solutions

Subjects and courses that are prerequisites for admission

Students must have acquired the English skills necessary for study and research in the department and the ability to apply basic academic skills.